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POTD: Valerie Smith and Libery Pike

Written by on May 11, 2024

Valerie Smith: The Voice of Grassicana

Valerie Smith is a renowned Grassicana artist who blends bluegrass, country, and Americana music to create a unique sound. Her music, known as “ValGrass,” showcases her versatility as a vocalist and her ability to convey a range of emotions, from sassy and sultry to sweet and soothing.

A Journey Through Music

Valerie’s musical journey started with her debut album “Patchwork Heart,” which introduced her distinctive style. The album featured the song “Red Clay Halo,” which topped the charts for Bluegrass Unlimited Radio Survey, Country Music, and Americana reporting. It remained a favorite for five years and became one of the top 60 bluegrass songs of the decade. Valerie has produced numerous successful albums as the Bell Buckle Records, Publishing, and Media owner. She produced Julie Gold’s Grammy-winning song “From a Distance,” demonstrating her talent behind the scenes. Currently, she’s collaborating with Donna Ulisse on a new release titled “Songbird Road,” which is set to launch in late spring.

Valerie Smith on Stage
Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel

Liberty Pike: A Band of Passion and Talent

Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike have been a dominant force in the bluegrass scene for over two decades. Their band’s lineup, featuring Wally Hughes on dobro and fiddle, Lisa Kay Howard Hughes on mandolin, Joe Zauner on banjo and guitar, Stephen Hu on upright bass, and Valerie Smith on guitar and lead vocals, is a testament to their collective talent and passion.

Renaissance: A Musical Revival

Valerie’s latest album, “Renaissance,” has resonated with fans across various genres, charting on roots, bluegrass, gospel, and country charts. The album’s hope, sorrow, love, and renewal themes reflect Valerie’s growth as an artist and her commitment to her craft.

Valerie Smith
Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel
Touring and Connecting with Fans

Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike continue to share their joy and energy with fans worldwide through their busy tour schedule. Their performances are not just concerts; they’re experiences that bring people together and celebrate the spirit of bluegrass music. As they look forward to sharing new music and memories with their fans, they remain a beacon of inspiration in the world of Grassicana.

Valerie Smith’s music and Liberty Pike’s vibrant performances celebrate the heart and soul of American roots music. Their story is about passion, creativity, and the song’s enduring power.

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