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Nothing is better than sharing Bluegrass music with the world. We take this responsibility rather seriously at INSIDE BLUEGRASS, "The Radio Show," yet we try to do it in a creative and fun manner.

Denny played in a Bluegrass Band called Siloa Creek for thirteen years with Earl Jarosh, Pat Schoenhart, Dolly Brown, and Scott Nelson until Pat's untimely death. After Pat's death, they occasionally played at Siloa Lutheran Church in Rural Isanti County.

Tom has always been a fan of bluegrass and classical country music but has not played music since high school and has forgotten how to read music. He tries to play a little on the Washtub bass, but that's not as good as he gets. But he keeps trying, maybe in a few years he will get better. (We hope)

Dennis and Tom are both retired Cops. Tom and Denny worked together Part-time on the Metropolitan Transit Police for several years when Tom was a Minneapolis Police Officer and Denny was a State Trooper. After Retirement, their paths crossed again, and they became friends again, going to different Bluegrass events together with their wives.

Tom worked at KRWC AM 1360, a local Radio Station in Buffalo, MN, where he engineered North Star League baseball games and High school sports. On a Thursday night about four years ago, they and their wives were at a Concert in the Park in Buffalo, MN, where Monroe Crossing was playing and promoting a Bluegrass Cruise they were going on, and the boys and their wives signed up. Denny was friends with Mark Anderson, the Monroe Crossing band, their booking agent, and former guitar player Art Blackburn, as his band had opened for Monroe Crossing on several occasions.

Joe Carlson, the owner of KRWC, asked them if they could try to interview some of the Bluegrass Musicians on the cruise for the station. KRWC has carried Phil Nusbaum's "Bluegrass Review" for over 15 years. Joe thought getting some interviews with local, regional, and national bluegrass talent would be good. So the boys did just what he asked and got some interviews.

When they returned from the cruise, Joe said well, you know I don't have a format for playing these interviews you brought back. How about you guys start a Bluegrass Radio show so I have a place to play these interviews? Denny told him, "What do I know about radio? The only radio I've ever talked on is a police radio". But we will try to do something.

Well, the guys put something together and started with the help of Earl Jarosh on their first show from the KRWC Home and Garden Show in April 2013. In late 2014, KBEK 95.5 FM, a 25000 Watt FM out of Mora, MN, with studios in Braham, MN, came back on the air after a management change. Denny had talked with the Management about picking up the show. Jay Menkie, one of the owners, plays bluegrass music in "Rainbolt's Mountain Project" and liked the program the guys put together, so near the end of 2014, they started simulcasting the show.

The Guys have been most fortunate to have such loyal fans and had the opportunity to interview some of the biggest names in Bluegrass Music today. Everyone has been so lovely and so kind as to give of their time. People like Becky Buller, Darrell Webb, Rhonda Vincent, Del McCoury, Joe Mullins, Junior Sisk, Larry Stephenson, The Gibson Bros, the Spinney Brothers, Marty Raybon as well and Monroe Crossing, the High 48's, Blue Grove, Singleton Street, The Vogts Sisters, Curtis and Loretta, and the list goes on and on. Too many to name them all, but you get the idea. Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country bands and their People are the best in the world no matter where or who they are. They go out of their way to be accommodating.

Since beginning more than three years ago, we've come to play a more significant role in the music community than just a place where people come to listen. Our show has grown because we involve ourselves with local bands and players from all over. The more people we meet and musicians we interact with, the more we learn - which allows us to be better broadcasters, communicators, and friends.

Please message the guys on Facebook,, or the website here, and let them know who you would like them to try to interview. A band you would like them to play on the air if they have not already. Maybe let them know about a new band that needs to get some airplay.

We aim to spread the joy of Bluegrass and Old Time Music to anyone we can get to listen. We would also suggest that you check out The Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association, or MBOTMA as it is known. Check out their website at for the Festivals and information on workshops and member bands; it is a wealth of information. Arne Brogger, the Executive Director, and Bea Fleming can point you in the right direction. Also, consider a Membership; Denny and Tom are both members, and there is a level to fit everyone.

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