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POTD: Hillbilly Biscuits

Written by on June 2, 2024

The Hillbilly Biscuits: A Bluegrass Phenomenon

Nestled in the heart of West Virginia’s rolling hills, The Hillbilly Biscuits (formerly known as The Hillbilly Gypsies) have carved out a niche in the bluegrass world with their vibrant and energetic performances. This band, from the Mountain State, has been delighting audiences with their old-time bluegrass and original mountain music for over a decade.


The Old-Timey Approach

What sets The Hillbilly Biscuits apart is their unique performance style. They gather around a single vintage ribbon microphone, transporting their audience back to a simpler time when music was a communal experience. This “Old Timey” approach isn’t just for show; it creates an authentic, high-energy barn party atmosphere that gets everyone’s feet tapping.


Hillbilly Biscuits

Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel

Award-Winning Picking Skills

The band’s lightning-fast picking skills have not gone unnoticed. They’ve received accolades for their musical arrangements, which blend natural comedic wit with high lonesome mountain vocal harmonies. It’s a familiar and fresh sound, steeped in tradition yet brimming with innovation.


A Crowd Favorite

From major festivals to intimate concert venues, The Hillbilly Biscuits have become a crowd favorite across the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Their live performances are more than just concerts; they’re experiences that leave audiences with a lasting impression of what bluegrass music is all about.


Original Songwriting

Beyond their covers of classic bluegrass hits, The Hillbilly Biscuits are also known for their original songwriting. Their songs reflect a deep passion for the genre and a commitment to storytelling that resonates with fans of all ages.


An Experience You Won’t Forget

If you’re looking for an authentic bluegrass experience, look no further than The Hillbilly Biscuits. Their performances are a testament to the enduring appeal of mountain music and a reminder of its power to bring people together. One listen, and you’ll be hooked, eager for the next time you can catch this remarkable band live.

For more information on their upcoming shows and to experience their music, visit The Hillbilly Biscuits’ official pages.

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