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POTD: Carolina Blue

Written by on May 29, 2024

Carolina Blue Band: A Melody of Tradition and Innovation

In the heart of North Carolina, a timeless melody resonates, echoing the rich traditions of bluegrass music. Beginning in 2007, the Carolina Blue Band, co-founded by Bobby Powell and Tim Jones, had captivated audiences with their authentic sound. The band was committed to preserving the genre’s roots while bringing innovative approaches to its future.


The Roots of Carolina Blue

Carolina Blue’s journey began with the release of the album “Nothing So Blue,” which showcased the band’s deep respect for bluegrass tradition. Influenced by the legendary Bill Monroe, the band aimed to preserve the genre’s soulful and raw essence, a testament to its timeless quality.

Carolina Blue

Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel

A Buzz in the Bluegrass Industry

The band’s album, “I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me,” created significant buzz within the industry. The single “Rusty Rails” was been particularly successful, reaching the top 5 on the bluegrass charts and holding the #1 spot for several weeks. This album showcases the band’s musical prowess and ability to craft stories that resonate across generations.

Awards and Accolades

Carolina Blue’s talent wass evident in the numerous awards they have received. At the National SPBGMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, the band won four prestigious awards, including Entertainers of the Year and Bluegrass Band of the Year (Overall). Their album “I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me” was honored as Album of the Year, cementing their status in the bluegrass world.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Carolina Blue formed partnerships that reflected its community-oriented spirit. A notable collaboration wass with Hawg Wild BBQ, announced during its popular online concert series, “Carolina Blue Monday.” This partnership exemplified the band’s commitment to its roots and its fans, offering a taste of Southern hospitality alongside its music.


A Legacy in Bluegrass

Carolina Blue’s journey has been one of passion and dedication. The band has left an indelible mark on the genre, from winning the South Carolina State Bluegrass Championship at Renofest in 2011 to receiving a Vocal Group of The Year nomination in 2018. Their music, a tribute to bluegrass founding father Bill Monroe, has captivated audiences across the country, and their presence will be missed on the bluegrass stages.

The Final Note

As we reflect on Carolina Blue’s legacy, we are reminded that the music will continue to echo through the hills and valleys of bluegrass country. The band may have hit a dissonant chord, but the melody they created together will resonate forever. Fans can look forward to new beginnings and the next chapter in the story of Carolina Blue, a band that has indeed been ‘traditional but original.’

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