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POTD: Amanda Cook Band

Written by on May 8, 2024

The Amanda Cook Band

A Harmonious Blend of Bluegrass


Bluegrass music touches our souls, evoking memories of rolling hills, front porch pickin’, and heartfelt lyrics. One band that embodies this spirit is the Amanda Cook Band. Led by the dynamic singer and songwriter Amanda Cook, this group weaves together tradition, innovation, and raw emotion to create a sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Meet Amanda Cook

a passion ignited

Amanda’s journey into bluegrass began in her childhood home in Jay, Florida. Her father, a banjo player, introduced her to the genre, and their family band played together during the mid-2000s. Amanda inherited her father’s love for bluegrass and his talent. Her voice, simultaneously powerful and vulnerable, captures the essence of the music.

From the Gulf Coast to Appalachia

Amanda tours with a band that straddles two worlds: half in Appalachia and half on the Gulf Coast. This unique blend of influences infuses their music with a rich tapestry of sounds. Whether they’re singing about lost love, mountain vistas, or life’s struggles, Amanda and her band create an authentic connection with their listeners.

Amanda Cook Band
Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel (In Memory of Aaron 'Frosty' Foster)

Current Members

Troy Boone (Mandolin, Vocals, and Emcee)

Troy Boone, known for his work with Sideline and Boone & Foster, shines on the mandolin. His nimble fingers dance across the strings, adding sparkle and energy to the band’s performances. As the emcee, he engages the audience, sharing stories and laughter between songs.

Carolyne Van Lierop (Banjo)

Carolyne’s banjo playing is precise and driving. She weaves intricate patterns that evoke the spirit of bluegrass pioneers while adding her flair. Her solos are like lightning strikes, electrifying the stage.

Brady Wallen (Lead Guitar)

Brady’s lead guitar work provides the backbone of the band’s sound. His melodic lines and tasteful solos elevate each song. As an alumnus of East Tennessee State University, he brings a wealth of musical knowledge to the group.

Joshua Faul (Bass)

Joshua holds down the rhythm on the bass, providing the heartbeat of the band. His steady groove ensures that every note lands just right. Whether it’s a toe-tapping tune or a soulful ballad, Joshua’s bass lines anchor the music.

George Mason (Fiddle)

With a resume that includes playing for the Osmond Brothers, Patti Page, and the Lawrence Welk Orchestra, George Mason provides spiraling and beautiful fiddle sounds—his bow dances across the strings, conjuring images of moonlit nights and Appalachian trails.

New Music "Restless Soul"

The Amanda Cook Band’s upcoming album, titled “Restless Soul,” is set to release in October 2024. The second single from the album, “Mitchell Mullins,” tells a bittersweet story through climbing musical notes. Fans eagerly await this new collection of songs that promises to capture the essence of their live performances.


The Amanda Cook Band is more than a group of musicians; they’re storytellers, soul-searchers, and keepers of tradition. As they continue to tour and create music, they remind us that bluegrass isn’t just a genre—it’s a way of life. So next time you yearn for the hills and the sound of a banjo, put on an Amanda Cook Band record and let their harmonies carry you away. 

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