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VOTD: Appalachian Road Show “Little Black Train”

Written by on May 18, 2024


The Appalachian Road Show, a group celebrated for their authentic representation of Appalachian music, brings to life the rich heritage of this region through their song “Little Black Train. This track is a testament to the group’s dedication to preserving the musical traditions that have echoed through the mountains for generations.

The Band’s Roots

Appalachian Road Show is a collaboration of well-known bluegrass musicians, including Barry Abernathy, Darrell Webb, Jim VanCleve, and others. Their music blends traditional tunes and original compositions, all delivered with the soulful authenticity of mountain music.

“Little Black Train – A Musical Journey

“Little Black Train captures the essence of the Appalachian spirit. The song is featured on the 2018 album “Barry Abernathy & Darrell Webb Present Appalachian Road Show, released by Billy Blue Records. The song’s powerful message and the band’s skilled instrumentation create a poignant listening experience.

The Significance of the Song

The song “Little Black Train carries a deep, historical significance. It reminds us of old-time religion and the warnings of being prepared for the final judgment. The lyrics speak of a little black train coming to take one’s soul to its final destination, urging listeners to reflect on their lives.

Live Performances

Appalachian Road Show has brought “Little Black Train to life in various live performances, including the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival. These live renditions showcase the band’s dynamic energy and the song’s ability to connect with audiences.


“Little Black Train by Appalachian Road Show is more than just a song; it’s a cultural artifact that carries the stories and emotions of people deeply connected to their land and heritage. It’s a piece that entertains, educates, and enlightens those who hear it.

For those interested in experiencing the haunting beauty of “Little Black Train, the song is available on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. It continues to captivate listeners with its timeless message and melody.

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