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POTD: Seth Mulder & Midnight Run

Written by on May 9, 2024

Carrying the Torch of Traditional Bluegrass Into the Future

Bluegrass music is a genre that has always been close to people’s hearts, with its roots deeply embedded in American soil. Seth Mulder & Midnight Run, a band from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is at the forefront of the genre’s evolution. They are not just playing bluegrass but living it. 

The Band's Journey

The band, formed in February 2015 at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, stands out with its unique approach to bluegrass music. Composed of five musicians who graduated from college music programs, they share a common vision: to preserve the legacy of bluegrass music while infusing it with their fresh and energetic approach, making their music a must-listen for any bluegrass enthusiast. 

The Sound of Tradition and Innovation

Seth Mulder & Midnight Run’s music, a blend of traditional “High Lonesome” sound with elements of country, folk, and roots music, has garnered significant recognition. They have a talent for writing original music that feels classic and presenting old material in an innovative yet respectful way. Their latest album, “In Dreams I Go Back,” released in September 2022, features the S.P.B.G.M.A. 2023 Song of the Year, “My, My, My,” and other chart-topping songs like “One More Night” and “Carolina Line,” solidifying their position as a leading force in the bluegrass scene. 

Seth Mulder & Midnight Run
Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel
A Band on the Move

The band’s live performances are a sight to behold. Known for their high-energy shows and skillful musicianship, they have toured across the United States, Canada, and Europe, with over 300 annual shows. Their band knows the importance of connecting with their audience, leaving them with memories that last a lifetime. Seth Mulder’s mandolin playing, influenced by greats like Bill Monroe and Chris Thile, and their tight harmonies and nostalgic entertainment make them a powerhouse of music you do not want to miss. 

The Real Deal

Seth Mulder & Midnight Run are not just carrying the torch of traditional bluegrass; they are setting the woods on fire with it. They are committed to their fans and the genre, and with each performance, they prove that the future of bluegrass music is in good hands. 

Seth Mulder
Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel
Looking Ahead

For those who have yet to experience their music, it’s time to join the Midnight Run. Check out their website for more information on their music and tour dates and to get a taste of what makes them a standout act in the bluegrass scene. 

This blog post celebrates Seth Mulder & Midnight Run’s contribution to bluegrass music according to information available as of May 2024.

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