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POTD: New Standard Bluegrass

Written by on May 14, 2024

Keeping Tradition Alive


Welcome to the world of bluegrass music, where the New Standard Bluegrass Band stands out as a beacon of tradition and innovation. This band is more than just music; it’s a legacy that honors the roots of bluegrass while weaving in contemporary threads. Their unique blend of traditional bluegrass, gospel music, and original compositions creates a sound that is both familiar and fresh.

History and Formation

New Standard Bluegrass Band was founded in October 2011 by three Virginia Tech students, Zach Brown, Spencer Blankenship, and Mason Thomas, as a college pastime. With the addition of Stewart Scales and Robert Overstreet, the band quickly grew into a full-fledged musical endeavor, enriching the sound with the deep tones of the bass and the twang of the banjo.

Musical Journey

Over the years, New Standard has carved out a niche in the bluegrass scene. Their repertoire includes traditional bluegrass, gospel music, and original compositions, and they have recorded two albums featuring these genres. Their latest project, “One More Tear,” showcases their growth and the seamless integration of new styles into their music.

Recent and Upcoming Shows

Driven by a mission to deliver high-quality, entertaining performances that ensure the longevity of bluegrass music, New Standard aims to inspire current and future generations to appreciate and continue this musical tradition. Their dedication is evident in their busy schedule, with sold-out shows and performances at various venues, including churches, festivals, and private events. Their 2024 lineup is packed with appearances across Virginia, reflecting their popularity and the demand for their soulful music.

Take the Music Home

For fans who wish to carry a piece of New Standard’s music with them, the band offers their albums for online order. Their original self-titled album is a collector’s item, with limited copies available.


New Standard Bluegrass Band is not just a group of musicians, but also custodians of a rich musical heritage. Their commitment to bluegrass is unwavering, and their talent undeniable. As they continue to perform and record, they invite everyone to join them in celebrating the timeless beauty of bluegrass music. If you’re interested in experiencing the New Standard Bluegrass Band live or purchasing their music, please visit their official website.

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