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POTD: Country Gentlemen Tribute Band

Written by on June 16, 2024

The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band: Keeping the Legacy Alive

Few names in the bluegrass world are as celebrated as The Country Gentlemen. Their harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary styles has made a lasting impact on the genre. Today, The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band, comprised of talented musicians, carries the legacy of honoring the original band’s music and spirit.

The Genesis of the Tribute

The idea for The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band originated when Bill Yates, a member of the original Country Gentlemen for over two decades, along with Darren Beachley and David Propst, decided to keep the music alive. They met at the Cabin Fever Picking Party in Hampton, VA, and sang some old and new Country Gentlemen songs, leading to the tribute band’s inception.

A Tribute Like No Other

This band is not just a cover band; they are a tribute in the truest sense. They don’t merely replicate the songs; they breathe new life into them. With members like Mike Phipps on vocals and guitar, Lynwood Lunsford on the banjo, Dave Propst on the mandolin, Eric Troutman on bass, and Geoff Gay on the dobro, the band brings a wealth of experience and passion to the stage.

country gentlemen tribute band

Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel

New Horizons

While the band honors the past, it also looks to the future. Their album “Yesterday and Tomorrow” is a testament to this, featuring new, original material that stays true to the style of the original Country Gentlemen. This project, especially poignant following Bill Yates’s passing, shows the band’s commitment to evolving while respecting the roots from which they grew.

Live Performances That Resonate

The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band’s live performances are a sight to behold. They’ve graced stages like the Jewel’s Jukebox Theatre in Remington, Virginia, and the Floyd Country Store, leaving audiences spellbound with renditions of classics like “Bringing Mary Home” and “Matterhorn.” Their recent performance on The WDVX Blue Plate Special on January 25, 2024, showcased their incredible talent and dedication to the craft.

The Band’s Online Presence

The band maintains an active online presence for those who can’t catch them live. Their social media platforms and website are great resources for updates on their tours, music releases, and more.


The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band is more than just a musical act; they are the custodians of a rich musical heritage. They ensure that the music of The Country Gentlemen continues to resonate with old fans and reaches new ones. Their dedication to preserving and advancing this musical tradition is a beautiful homage to the original band and a gift to bluegrass lovers everywhere.

If you’re a bluegrass fan or just discovering the genre, following The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band is a journey through the heart of American musical tradition. Their music is a bridge between the past and the future and a ride worth taking.

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