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POTD: Chosen Road

Written by on May 16, 2024

The Journey of Faith Through Bluegrass


Chosen Road is more than just a band; it’s a testament to the combined power of music and faith. Since its formation in 2009, this bluegrass gospel group has touched hearts and souls with its harmonious blend of traditional hymns and contemporary gospel, carving out a unique space in the music world.

Chosen Road Gospel
Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel
The Beginnings

Founded by Jonathan Buckner in Princeton, West Virginia, Chosen Road started with the vision of spreading the gospel through bluegrass strings. Buckner and other talented musicians like Jonathan Campbell, Zack Alvis, and Brandon Green set out to create music that resonates with the spirit of worship.

Musical Evolution

Over the years, Chosen Road has seen various talented artists join and contribute to their evolving sound. Each member has brought their own flavor to the band’s music with instruments ranging from the mandolin to the Reso-guitar. Albums like “Old Time Way” and “Expectations” showcase their journey from traditional bluegrass roots to a more polished gospel sound.

Chosen Road Bluegrass Gospel Band
Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel
Discography Highlights

Chosen Road’s discography reflects their growth and dedication to their craft. Albums such as “Love’s Purist Light” and “Water Grave” have been milestones in their career, each offering a unique blend of bluegrass and gospel that has become their signature.

Impact and Outreach

The band’s impact goes beyond its music. It has been a source of inspiration and hope for many, using its platform to share messages of faith and community. Its official videos and social media presence continue to draw in listeners from all walks of life.

Chosen Road Bluegrass Gospel
Photo Courtesy of Susie Neel

Chosen Road’s journey is ongoing, and its commitment to its message and music remains steadfast. It invites listeners to join it on a path paved with strings of bluegrass and the light of the gospel. For more updates and to keep up with everything by Chosen Road, visit its official website.

Chosen Road’s story is one of passion, faith, and music. Their bluegrass gospel tunes are not just songs; they’re invitations to experience the warmth and comfort of a community bound by shared beliefs and the love of music.

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